The JDMIS provides education and inspiration through specialised academic programmes in jewellery design, history, marketing & management and professional skills training in new technologies and production of creative, designer jewellery.

The school’s unique Diploma programmes produce an enterprising new breed of contemporary jewellery designers who will develop into entrepreneurs or will become qualified professionals primed for success in the corporate jewellery industry.For industry professionals, the JDMIS provides shorter, yet comprehensive Certificate courses in a variety of practical and business related topics.

Become a certified fine jewellery designer, a certified precious metal artist or a certified fashion jewellery artist and pursue your passion in the creative jewellery arts!

Located in Shaw Towers Gallery, JDMIS maintains 3000 square feet of specialized facilities including a full jewellery fabrication workshop, 3 classrooms, a computer aided design lab, gemological equipment and a fully-functioning retail merchandising lab.

Diploma in Fashion Jewellery Arts

Successful fashion jewellery professionals must rise above massproduced, low quality merchandise flooding the market and distinguish themselves through design, quality of materials and expert fabrication. This unique and highly specialized diploma combines professional techniques with practical advice, product knowledge and design inspiration to ensure immediate results. By becoming a Certified Fashion Jewellery Artist, grow your knowledge base, experience and range of design; profit as you carve your niche in this field. Completing many different styles of design, using a plethora of different materials, and experiencing how to work with customers and design to specification, this programme prepares you for a successful path in the creative jewellery arts.

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Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design

In today’s competitive jewellery industry, the only way to excel is through unique and saleable design. No longer can a jewellery designer work independently of the manufacturer and retailer; successful designers understand their materials and gems, know about style, trends and fashion, and must produce stunningly beautiful, but also wearable, commercially practical jewels. By becoming a Certified Fine Jewellery Designer, take the reigns to a creative and diverse career in the jewellery field! With great emphasis on experiential learning, graduates have knowledge, style and a complete professional portfolio to highlight their broad range of design competencies. Detailed projects leave graduates confident and primed for success.

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Diploma in Precious Metal Arts

Jewelelry fabrication using precious metals requires commitment, dedication and experience that was traditionally only achieved through long periods of apprenticeship. This comprehensive diploma incorporates new technologies and traditional techniques to accelerate skills development and build a deep understanding and appreciation for work with precious metals. By becoming a Certified Precious Metal Artist, you develop the skills and confidence to produce unique and remarkable jewellery creations. With a broad array of creative and challenging metalwork projects, structured time to practice and refine critical skills, and exposure to design and industry knowledge, JDMIS metal artists stand apart from their peers in the jewellery industry.

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Jewellery Quality

JDMIS prides itself on providing exceptional education! With the most experienced instructors in the region, all of whom have a passion for jewellery and for sharing their knowledge, there is no better place to grow in the jewellery field. All JDMIS courses are fully inclusive of materials AND EQUIPMENT - meaning you leave with all the tools you need to continue using the skills you have learned at home or at work!

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Clients Testimonials

  • The instructors at JDMIS are very professional and provide good quality materials.

    Yvonne M. (Germany)

  • It's the best place in Singapore to learn about different aspects of jewellery making/marketing

    Sam S. (Hong Kong)

  • Great school with amazing people! I've learnt a lot and made new friends.

    Kalzom H. (Singapore)

  • Absolutely! Fantastic experience! Tanja is wonderful - incredibly knowledgeable - I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I wish I had found JDMIS earlier.

    Anlee K. (USA)

  • It has interesting and varied courses, and is professionally managed too.

    Shin Min T. (Singapore)

  • A good place to hone academically and creatively.

    Geraldine C. (Singapore)

  • JDMIS has great people and great teachers!!

    Olinda C. (Singapore)

  • Fabulous! Excellent! It's a wonderful place to learn jewellery design.

    Mary H. (Ireland)

Our Products

Interested in jewellery? Well if you are like most participants, you are contemplating starting a jewellery sideline or maybe even making a break for it at becoming and independent entrepreneur. Many JDMIS graduates are already happily there - and now is a great time to join them! Already in the jewellery industry? JDMIS is a respected training institution that can help you hone your skills, gain professional credibility or grow your business!