Peach Blossom Gallery, which specializes in fine modern Jadeite jewelry, started off with a humble unit at United Square Shopping Centre in 1998. Our founder – Ms Grace Tan-Tang was an avid jade lover herself and over the years, she has successfully transformed her passion for this heavenly stone into a thriving business.

Jade, which has always been perceived as old-fashioned; overtly traditional-looking and only fit to be worn by grandmothers, has been given a complete make over at Peach Blossom Gallery. With the unique designs that our jade pieces are set in, this gemstone now goes very well with modern fashion!

Today, not only can our collections be found in their specialty store at The Centrepoint, you can find at One Raffles Place and ION. Other than expanding on the distribution channel, the company’s competitiveness has also been further enhanced through a recent partnership with a jade manufacturing factory in Shanghai.

Grade A Jadeite Pendant

Grade A Jadeite Faint Apple Green Pendant with Green Patches (??).

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At Peach Blossom, we pay upmost attention to the quality of our Jade pieces and we only stock and sell Grade A Burmese Jade. We always stress the importance of our Jade quality as inferior Jade is not only a waste of money and if worn by a person, he or she will absorb the harmful chemical substances that will eventually leach out of the inferior Jade that they are wearing and are known to cause even cancers.



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Ms Grace Tan

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Jewellery Quality

We take our Product Quality issues very seriously at Peach Blossom, we insist on stocking and selling only Grade A Burmese Jade and have done so all these years. It is our belief that customers should only enjoy the real beauty and pureness of fine Jade jewelry as this is also the life long passion of our founder Ms Grace Tan, when she was first fascinated by Burmese Jade more than 30 years ago.