Soo Kee Jewellery, a contemporary jeweller, celebrates the perfect moment in life and understands that diamond is the perfect marriage of the art of man and the art of nature. Hence, Soo Kee Jewellery upholds a firm philosophy of realizing dreams by presenting the most exquisite diamond jewellery.

Equipped with a forward-looking team of jewellery designers, Soo Kee Jewellery constantly pursues innovative and exquisite designs appealing to the contemporary and discerning women of today.

Soo Kee Jewellery is also the exclusive distributor of Brilliant Rose® – one of the world’s rarest diamonds. Set your heart ablaze and be enchanted by its brilliance and scintillation.


Find yourself hypnotized by the shimmering radiance of our most coveted collection: Brilliant Rose. Inspired by the Roasace of the Notre Dame Cathedral, it's beauty is unsurpassed; rivaling the breathtaking splendor of a nature's own rose. With its brilliant cut and perfect form, it serves as a bouquet of emotion and a symbol of timeless love.

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The word pearl is often used as a metaphor for something rare, fine and valuable. While no two are alike, each one possesses the elegance and grace synonymous with sensuality. Celebrate this personification of femininity with our Dancia collection.

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Bask in the festive nature of your relationship with this diverse collection from Japan. Give your romance a breath of new life through a wide range of pieces designed to add a giant splash of colour, elevating the excitement of your passion.

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Discover how wonderful wearing your love can be with our Jac Laurent collection. Handcrafted in Switzerland, these rings are designed with comfort fit bands, making your love as soothing as the day it began.

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Created by Daniel Paillaseur, known for his audacious coups and creative insolence. Every piece of his haute couture collection is a veritable work of art.

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Made in Germany, this collection embodies the spirit of young love. Perfect for the that couple eagerly anticipating a long and beautiful journey together.

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Created for dreaming. Versace jewellery combines the ancient, modern, and the futuristic in contemporary design to give these creations the allure of elegance and refinement synonymous with true feminity.

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Designed by Singaporean born and internationally renowned artist, Wykidd, this collection celebrates the femininity of modern women. It's intriguing combination of black diamonds and white gold, accent the strengths of the women of today, while simultaneously capturing the women of tomorrow.

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